the mystical city of God by venerable mary of agreda

Mar 31, 2023

“do not be afraid, Mary,
for you have found favor with God.
behold, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son,
and you shall name him Jesus.

luke 1:31 

Our Blessed Mother - The Mystical City of God

I have a Membership group available for Alumni of my Spiritual Fasting Programs that they can join after they complete the Course. It is called the Keep Fasting Alumni Membership and is a Private Community with coaching once a week, a private FaceBook Group for discussion, and a Book Club and more.

At this time we are reading and discussing the abridged version of the book, The Mystical City of God.

It has literally changed my life.

It is a 698 page condensed version of the 4 volume original. This is a beloved and well-studied book written by Venerable Mary of Agreda who’s cause for canonization is in full swing today.

It is an account of the entire life of The Blessed Mother as revealed by the Virgin herself to Sister Mary of Jesus over a period of several years. Sister Mary is called the “Lady in Blue” and we know from her records that she had such a devout Catholic family that they all were consecrated to the Franciscan religious life including her parents. (p.4)

Her own body and her mother’s body are incorruptible to this day. After reading this book I can see why she was chosen to record this information with great holiness and sanctity.

This beautiful recounting is the most approved work of all time by popes, and all others in biblical history, theology and spirituality.

It recalls all of the history before, during, and after the Blessed Mother’s creation through her childhood years, the Annunciation, Crucifixion of Jesus, and her Assumption into Heaven. It is a must-read tell-all page turner that is so inspiring that it brings the spiritual realm and gospels alive like nothing else I have read.

It has been approved for Catholics to read without danger to their faith and without damage to the purity of morals and to conclude that it would be most useful for enlivening and augmenting the piety of the faithful, the veneration of the most Holy Virgin, and the respect for the Sacred Mysteries.

This venerable nun and author is credited for the baptism and conversion of 10,000 Indians through 5 years of Bilocation in her lifetime. Through studying this book and the life of its author, I have learned that God takes extraordinary means to convert and love us into Heaven.

The book was written in the mid 1500’s, when Our Lady of Guadalupe was appearing and Luther was creating the Reformation. It was not published until 1645. This book had a special purpose for sure!

This book makes me want to be holy because it excites the imagination. Little things that once bothered me don’t matter anymore. It makes me want to take Spiritual Fasting and Prayer to a whole new level.

It confirms the immense breadth and depth of the Spiritual Realm available for our redemption through Christ. The Angels are so real. The beauty, power, and reverence of Mary, the Mother of God is revealed.

It shows her fierceness for her beloved children to follow her Son. Her direction is strong. All her efforts and prayer are directed towards her Son and His Holy Will for our perfection in this journey to eternal life.

This work breathes humility, patience, and endurance into the hardships of this earthly life. (page xi)

I hope you will consider reading it and it inspires you as well!

If you want to check out the book, see my podcast here. The information is in the show notes.

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