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Hi, I’m Beth—your Catholic Fasting Coach.

I love coaching and teaching Catholics how to regain their spiritual edge and permanently lose weight by fasting from food and alcohol for periods of time throughout the year.

Fasting from food combined with prayer is a unique and virtuous process ordained by God and recommended by our Church to teach us how to live the joyful, amazing life that God intends for us to live. You will learn how to eat, fast, and feast while reaching your dreams and helping others reach theirs.

Come transform yourself and the world for the better!

It all begins with your thoughts and the renewing of your mind through Jesus Christ.

my mission

Your Results

Help you live out your dreams, ignite your passion, and increase the joy in your life. God has an exciting and specific mission for you—discover it now! The world needs your God-given gifts, learn how to use them and stop numbing with overeating and overdrinking.

Show you how to regain your spiritual edge and grow in virtue by fasting, praying, and giving to experience breakthroughs in all areas of your life: health, spirituality, finances, and more.

Help you to discover the beauty of fasting from food and alcohol to recover your optimal weight and health where diets have failed in the past.

Teach and Coach you how to set and reach your goals by learning how to eat, fast, and feast without overeating and when to plan each phase starting now! No need to wait until Lent.

Bring back the ancient practice of fasting from food to the Catholic Church and rediscover the gift of “offering it up” not only in the Penitential seasons of Advent and Lent, but year-round. Never diet again.

Help Catholics truly live the seasons of the Church Calendar and experience the best Advent and Lent of their lives through fasting, prayer, and giving. Don’t miss the beauty and gifts that these penitential seasons have to offer you. You will never be the same.

Live. Your. Best. Life. Now—no matter what your age.

Let’s get fasting!


client thoughts


“This was an excellent program to improve my prayer life with an added benefit of improved health of mind and body. Prayer with added fasting was so beneficial to having prayers answered. I have gained enough benefit during this 40 Day Period of Lent to continue to fast. That has never happened to me before. Awareness of hunger using the hunger scale as well as “Dining in for Jesus” was super helpful. And, through it all, I experienced improved clarity, energy, and better sleep. Thank you, Beth!”

Carolyn H.

“Thank you for presenting a wonderful program designed for weight loss and spiritual growth and for coaching and motivating me to reach my goals in both of these areas. I learned so much about the science behind the method of fasting from food, how our brain functions and how we can change it, and the amazing benefits of decreasing sugar and white flour in my diet. This all led to permanent weight loss for me. The spiritual component and thought process was so impactful. This was the best Lent I have ever experienced!”

Julie M.

“The benefits of coaching with Beth included a better understanding of the spiritual graces of fasting, and the physical aspects, too, especially at the beginning when I would think this isn’t working for me. When I made the decision to eliminate sugar and flour from my food intake for Lent, I knew I would need a clear understanding of “why” and how to do it. Having the guidance of Beth as a coach with her Catholic professional knowledge, and personal experience, I was encouraged every step of the way. The discussion with other group participants, who I might add were amazing faithful women, was an added blessing. As the weeks of fasting passed, I experienced benefits of clearer thinking and a deeper prayer time with Jesus in Scripture, Mass, and Adoration. The personal and family graces gained in this program were an added blessing as well as the lowering of my cholesterol and weight. I now have a greater appreciation and a smile for the words so often heard from my Mother and the Sisters of St. Francis, at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School, OFFER IT UP!”

Judy D.

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