Delay and Pray ™

Permanent Weight Loss Through Spiritual Fasting

Struggling with traditional diets that don’t last? Embrace a new, spiritual path to weight loss with our program that includes Catholic mindset work. Merge intermittent fasting with prayer and delicious food, transforming your health journey into a faith-building experience. Say goodbye to emotional eating, and hello to vibrant nutrition and a deeper connection to your spiritual life.


10 Chapters

198 Pages

“Delay and Pray” by Beth Bubik offers a unique approach to weight loss by combining spiritual fasting with practical diet advice, rooted deeply in Christian faith. Bubik shares her transformative journey, introducing the Delay and Pray™ method, which involves delaying sugar, flour, and alcohol during the week while dedicating these fasting periods to prayer, reparation, and spiritual reflection. This innovative method that is based on Thomistic thought work not only aids in physical health but also deepens the practitioner’s relationship with Jesus Christ, emphasizing the power of sanctifying grace and the importance of aligning one’s eating habits with spiritual beliefs.

The book challenges traditional dieting notions because it involves both body and soul, advocating for a holistic path to well-being that integrates faith, discipline, and self-reflection. Bubik’s personal anecdotes and coaching advice, coupled with scriptural references, guide readers through overcoming dietary and health struggles by surrendering to God. “Delay and Pray” is more than a diet book; it’s a spiritual guide to achieving physical transformation and spiritual growth, making it an invaluable resource for those seeking a more meaningful approach to weight loss and a closer connection to their faith.

What People Are Saying

All new disciplines require small, simple acts that can become habits. That's where Beth Bubik's Delay and Pray™ shines through. If you follow her advice in this book, fasting-and real feasting!-will soon be a permanent part of your life. And your life will be better and richer because of it.

Jay Richards, PhD

In Delay and Pray™, Beth is willing to get down under your cross of overeating with you and generously share the gifts she has reaped from the soil of her own life and education. She helps you move toward freedom as children of God.

Sister Josephine Garrett

Have you ever struggled with dieting or fasting for a particular faith petition, but instead of thinking of Jesus, you focus on your next meal? If you have, like me, then this book is just for you! Beth Bubik guides you through a fabulous spiritual journey that helps you transform the 'torture of fasting' into a 'testimony of faith in action', fulfilling intentions, and getting holy and healthy at the same time. Enjoy this wonderful book!

Sister Deirdre M. Byrne

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