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Are you struggling with being able to Spiritually Fast all year round?

Does the idea of delaying sugar, flour, and alcohol interest you but you aren’t sure how?

I was just like you! Then, I developed the Delay and Pray™ Group Coaching Experience.

Now Spiritual Fasting  is the best experience ever. You can do it, too!

All you need is a Good Catholic Fasting Coach and the course below…

delay and pray

digital on-line course

Is a professionally filmed digital on-line course with six modules filled with videos, worksheets, workbook, journal, food protocols, and everything else you need to get in the habit of delaying sugar, flour, and alcohol until Sundays.

Spiritual fasting is incredible for both body and soul. We can literally change the world and our bodies by just putting in a little extra effort in the right places – especially during Lent. This course shows you how by using the 4T’s to Delay and Pray:

  • Creating and reaching Transformational Goals
  • Deep Diving into Thought Work using Catholic Mind Management
  • A simple, doable & repeatable program using organizational Tools
  • All based on Catholic Theology by inviting God into every single part of it through the Sacraments

Digital on-line course only available with Delay and Pray™ Group Coaching Experience.


Delay and Pray Group Coaching Experience
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coaching in a group setting is for you if you:

  • Desire to Spiritually Fast and finally get healthy
  • Are ready to set specific weight and spiritual goals and reach them
  • Love being supported and encouraged by other women who are deailng with the same issues
  • Understand that there is much wisdom in seeing group members get coached
  • Need accountability with both Beth and the Group to achieve quicker results
  • Appreciate different perspectives and experiences with Spiritual Fasting
  • Still want to be coached personally by Beth, but in a group setting
  • Free Keep Fasting Community Membership during the 15 weeks

The Keep Fasting Alumni Membership

Keep Fasting Image with water and a Rosary

exclusively for the alumni of the spiritual fasting programs

This is a community of loving people, who are committed to continuing the journey to get fit for the King by Spiritual Fasting.

You can Delay and Pray forever with this community who will be praying and fasting with you every day.

Join all of the Alumni of the Spiritual Fasting Programs to renew and continue your commitment to permanent weight loss through Spiritual Fasting forever!

I want you to keep fasting and keep getting coached.

Start with the Delay and Pray Group Coaching Experience, and then you can keep fasting forever with the Keep Fasting Alumni Membership.

client thoughts


“This was an excellent program to improve my prayer life with an added benefit of improved health of mind and body. Prayer with added fasting was so beneficial to have my prayers answered.”

- Carolyn H.

“Thank you for presenting a wonderful program designed for weight loss and spiritual growth, and for coaching and motivating me to reach my goals in both of these areas.”

- Julie M.

“The benefits of coaching with Beth included a better understanding of the spiritual graces of fasting, and the physical aspects, too, especially at the beginning when I would think this isn’t working for me.”

- Judy D.

Lose weight permanently.

Gain freedom spiritually.


Let us Fast for Freedom together.


Get coached. Stay focused. Invite Jesus in.

Doors are open this week!


Course and coaching begin July 15.

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