The Mystical City of God and Spiritual Fasting – An interview with Michelle Dunne

Mar 23, 2023

“the Blessed Mother can propel you through your spiritual fasting journey much more profoundly and quickly by the reading of this book called the Mystical City of God.”

beth bubik


Woman reading a large book - maybe the Mystical City of God

In today’s episode, Beth is interviewing Michelle Dunne, a Catholic strengths and mindset coach who helps her clients claim their abilities so that they can focus on their unique contribution to their family and the world. Beth and Michelle are discussing “The Mystical City of God” by Venerable Mary of Agreda, a mystic who received private revelations about the life of the Blessed Mother. They also discuss the link between this book and the Delay and Pray program, and how Our Lady can propel you forward on your spiritual fasting journey.

Beth and Michelle begin by discussing their personal impressions of the Blessed Mother, and how their devotions have shifted and deepened while reading The Mystical City of God. With her fierce obedience and her balanced temperament, Our Lady reveals the secrets to self-denial and emotional stability. Along with these deeper truths, the book also shares little nuggets of insight that fire the imagination around the home life of St. Joseph, his lovely Spouse, and their beautiful Child

Can you imagine being given 10,000 angels at birth? Beth and Michelle discuss Our Lady’s intercessory prowess, gifted to her because of her obedience. They also talk about the Sacraments – Do you know how many were actually founded on Holy Thursday? You might be surprised! A tunic that grew with the Christ Child, the timing of His first words… This book transports you back in time and gently lifts the curtain on the hidden lives of the members of the Holy Family. It’s impossible to witness these moments and walk away unchanged.

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