Lent and the Blessed Mother with Fr. Looney

Feb 15, 2024

Mary is The Mystical City of God and to follow her and love her is to love her son Jesus. 

Beth Bubik

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You may know that the book The Mystical City of God is an amazing book that literally changed my life and motivated me on a deeply spiritual level to fast for the intentions of the Blessed Mother – not just to fast for her, but with her – side by side, asking her what to do, and loving her deeply.

If you want to know more about this book, you can listen to episode #18, where I discuss the book with my dear friend, Michelle Dunne. We also did a book discussion series for almost an entire year that is hosted within the Delay and Pray Group Coaching Experience for your self-paced viewing.

Like many Catholics out there, Father Edward Looney has been accompanying me on my spiritual journey since I have been listening to his Podcast, The Mystical City of God Podcast in a Year.

On today’s episode, which is part one of a 2-part series, we hear about Fr. Looney’s love for the Blessed Mother, and how he came to be a Marian theologian. He shares what drew him to The Mystical City of God and to create the corresponding podcast in a year. 

We discussed a little bit about the book and shared our favorite parts of it. I got ask Fr. Looney about private revelation and the importance of Marian Shrines and going on a Catholic pilgrimage.

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