Trading 10 Pounds of Sugar for 10 Pounds of Grace

Apr 30, 2024

“He must increase, I must decrease.”

John 3:30

Family around the Thanksgiving Feast dinner table with mom carving the turkey

“He must increase, I must decrease.” John 3:30

My clients are seeing tremendous results in their weight loss and closeness to Christ just by eliminating sugar, flour, and alcohol during the week and praying for others during the process. This brings the above scripture alive in their lives. Jesus literally increases as they are emptying themselves of sugar and praying throughout the day when they have urges to eat off protocol.

They are scheduling the Sacraments on their calendars every week. They are reading more spiritual books, adding more Rosaries to their routine, and connecting with other Catholics in the community. A relationship always deepens when you spend time on it — especially with God. I call it trading sugar for the sweetness of heaven.

He increases. 

Your body weight decreases.

With His increase comes grace. The Delay and Pray™ Group Coaching Experience begins soon with a 15-week Bootcamp where you will learn all the tools to lose 10 pounds of weight and gain 10 pounds of faith. It centers on the beautiful winding path of delaying sugar, flour, and alcohol to Sundays. God rains down graces of supernatural strength to help you do this by eating more vegetables, healthy fats, and good protein in place of that sugar and flour.

While you are delaying, you are praying for and with others. Hence, the Delay and Pray™ method that counts on the grace from the power of the Holy Spirit to succeed — enabling the process of eating healthier food and staying on protocol. Intermittent fasting, eating less, resting more, shifting thoughts, and processing emotions become more frequent. God gets bigger and you get physically smaller. 

You don’t have to give up sugar, white flour, processed food, and alcohol forever unless you want to. You can just delay them. You may have to eliminate them for a time if you find that you can’t stop eating them if they are in your pantry or cause you physical distress. Your body is unique. Only you know what is possible for you. I included processed food in the mix because it is a huge culprit in stopping us from optimal health through spiritual fasting.

Permanent weight loss and optimal health is possible!

All it involves is shifting your mindset into intentional thinking, and moving your body into the Church. This truly is trading sugar for the sweetness of Jesus in the Sacraments. There is food freedom in spiritual fasting. All this information is in my book, Delay and Pray™, and applied in my Group Coaching Experience! Consider both and change your life forever.

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