From the Wastelands of Want to the Promised Land of Desire

Dec 1, 2022

“with man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.

matthew 19:26


Jesus in Heaven

Episode #2 Show Notes

Welcome to the second episode of the Delay and Pray Podcast! In this episode, Beth is exploring motivation, the “key to success,” and the role it plays in helping us to attain our goals. She explains that, to be successful, motivation must be integrated into the very meaning of our existence, or the well-being of others. 

So, How Do You Begin?

  • Start with earthly motivation, if necessary.
  • Dream big dreams, intertwined with Godly mission.
  • Normalize failure.
  • WANT to want it
  • Imagine the goals coming true.

Deciding Goals? Ask Yourself These Questions:

  • What do I seek? 
  • What is my desired result?
  • Am I willing to set long-term goals of happiness?

Your “Delay and Pray” Goals:

  • Your Bodily/Earthly Goal – The “Delay”
    • Decide measurable steps to reach the goal.
    • This isn’t a Wasteland of Want: it’s the Desire you Seek.
    • Invite God into the goal. 
    • Ask yourself: “What substance needs to be delayed in my life?”
  • Your Spiritual Goal – The “Pray”
    • Who or what are you praying for?
    • Choose the “why that makes you cry.”
    • Nothing is too big or small for God.
  • Consider
    • Why are you choosing these goals?
    • What will it cost if you don’t commit today?
    • Ask yourself: “Why do I choose to have a life where the escape button is better than my actual life?”

The Benefits of Delay and Pray in Spiritual Fasting:

  • It will reveal your true desire: Jesus.
  • It will bless others.
  • It will move you toward the long-term goal of happiness.

Invite Jesus into your goals. He is waiting for you. 

Those who genuinely wait on the Lord will not be disappointed.


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