Three-Piece Suit God

Jun 14, 2024

“And He said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Matt 18:3

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I have a unique blog this month. It is written by one of my dear clients, Gina Stewart. She wrote it in 2021 about her father. She sent it to me after our group coached on always imagining Jesus at the wheel of our car last week. I shared this image with the group that a fellow coach, Tawnya Kirkland, made for me years ago. The image depicts the Truth that He is always with us and that we should have no fear with him by our side. I want to recall the email here.

I want to share every tidbit because it has inspired me so much!

Gina’s email:

Hi Beth — I about fell over this week when you showed the image of the VW Bug! My dad owned one just like that (even same color) and I used a very vivid memory of me and my dad in that car when I was learning about spiritual childhood about 3 years ago.

My dad passed away suddenly 2 years ago … and I’ve had such a hard week and needed him. He was a Deacon who was so kind and gentle. So, that image was so distinctly meant for me to see and know both my fathers are working. I’ve attached my reflection in case you would like to read it.  It was the turning point in seeing God as my father. Praying for your mission, Gina.

Three-Piece Suit God

Fall morning, leaves blowing, crisp sunshine, in an old rusty VW Bug on the way to kindergarten.

There’s Brian, your buddy from school, who you pick up each day. There’s dad in the driver’s seat,

elbow propped on the open window, wearing a three-piece suit. He’s a banker, you know, but the

car speaks to his true identity as a person who finds joy in the little things, like rusty cars and upbeat

70’s jams.

I’m in the backseat though not really thinking what dad is carrying. Perhaps he’s worried about the

bills that need paying? Or the leaky roof? Or the promotion that might become his if he works hard?

Nope. I’m just bouncing in the back with Brian. Giggling and feeling pure happy in the upcoming

day. I’m not worried about the traffic, or whether we will be late for school, or even what awaits me.

Just happy, here in this moment of pure contentment. I feel safe, I feel excited, I feel peaceful, I

feel free …. free to just be in the back of a VW Bug.

When was the last time I felt freedom like that?


Is that God tapping my shoulder reminding me that I’m called to feel that free? I’m made for such

joy as this? That days like that are created just for me to enjoy?

Ok, God, what do I need to do to find that free little self again?

“Cast all your cares on the One who cares for it all”

Let your Lord, Your God, wear the three-piece suit! Give Him the front seat and allow Him to deal

with all the hard stuff. Truly, He wants nothing more than to love on you in this way …. for you to feel

safe, well-cared for, joyful, and grateful. Why else would He create the beauty and wonders of this

world if not to delight you. Your delight makes Him delight in seeing the fruit of His creativity at its

finest. Fulfillment of the Creator’s dreams. And YOU get to take part solely because He created you

to do so!

Don’t spend a second longer denying Your Father this pleasure in loving you. Don’t let worries,

worldly pressure, fears, hold you back from being His Little Girl …. so chosen, so known, so loved into

being. Let the rain fall, let the world implode, let the mountains rise …. but don’t let go of His gaze

upon you.

All the world over, the children of God call out to be seen and known. It’s planted deep at the core

and it fights and presses and turns us inside out He calls us to STOP. Plant your feet

firmly where you are and raise your eyes to Him. Oh, the vanity of searching for something that you

already possess! You are loved….beyond measure….without boundaries….with no cost to you.

You simply have to believe it, trust it, embrace it….and LIVE IT.

God knows you, God sees you, God loves you. Because that’s what Fathers do. They wear the suit

so you can be a little one who delights her Father.

By Gina Stewart

And my response:


This is so beautiful. Tears are flowing down from my eyes. You, and your words are so beautiful. 

Two things.

This story is just what I needed right now as I kiss my husband goodbye as he goes to work. I think about the burdens he carries for our family. I’m so appreciative and so in love with all that he is.

We are dealing with fallen trees and taxes right now. 

All will pass, but heavier for him than me. Because he’s the father. So, we pray. All the adversity just deepens the love between us. We do hard things. 

I can love him this way because I loved my father so much and he loved me. And he taught me to love God the Father. 


In light of Father’s Day this weekend — what a beautiful essay on the importance of Fatherhood.

And — the other thing. You are an amazing writer! I think you should write a book. 

As soon as we return to the mindset of a child in the backseat — we won’t want to stuff ourselves with food and drink. We’ll just want to be present in every moment, picking up our buddies, knowing that the Father is always at the wheel of our life. 

“And he said: “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Matt 18:3

Taxes. Trees. Weightloss. He’s got the whole world in His hands.

Fasting for Fathers, priests, and all good men today with renewed vigor because of your story. They carry so much for us.

Thank you so much! 




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