Your Thoughts Determine Your Results

Aug 10, 2023

Our thoughts determine our lives.

Elder Thaddeus

Megan Gephart

What if it’s not you… What if it’s your hormones? In today’s episode, Beth is continuing her two-part series, “Stop the Overeating,” and de-escalating the emotional pressure of your weight loss journey with a simple, biological fact: your hormones aren’t playing nicely together. Tackling both the mental strain of indulgent thoughts and the hormonal imbalances triggered by our stressed, exhausted lifestyles, Beth is offering simple, straightforward suggestions to win the weight loss battle once and for all. 

She begins by discussing ‘indulgent’ thoughts and ‘opportunity’ thoughts, replacing “This isn’t working” with “This just might work!” She also explains the effect that the three hunger hormones – insulin, leptin, and ghrelin – have on your weight loss journey. Insulin is a fat storage hormone, and an excess of insulin contributes to diabetes and weight gain. Leptin is the hormone that tells us when we’re full and need to exercise, but insulin blocks that receptor to our brains. Ghrelin tells us when we’re hungry and need to find food, but insulin causes ghrelin to escalate, creating even more desire for food. 

In order to get all of these hormones balanced, Beth is offering a simple, effective plan to her listeners, including food choices, sleep recommendations, and tips for controlling the stress responses that make us reach for cookies when we really ought to reach for a pillow. Finally, Beth gently affirms that the first few weeks are the hardest, but they will result in a deeper awareness of your interior life. From that space, call out to the Lord to shine a light on the true desires of your heart that have gotten buried under the sweets and processed foods. This is the path to permanent healing. As Beth says, “Don’t shoot for purgatory – Shoot for heaven.”

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