Thinking and Eating Yourself Healthy

Jun 27, 2024

“I praise you, for I am wondrously made. Wonderful are your works! You know me right well.”

– Psalms 139:14

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I read a book a long time ago called Think and Eat Yourself Smart by Dr. Caroline Leaf. She has an interesting explanation of hunger that I have always considered relevant.

Our minds and our gut are integrated acutely – says Dr. Leaf. For example, our feelings such as happiness, joy, pleasure, anger, anxiety, sadness, and bitterness can trigger physical reactions in our digestive systems.

Our digestive system tells us that our feelings when eating affect our health. Eating when we are angry or when we’re trying to buffer our emotions, affects the ways we absorb nutrients in our food and also affects our insulin response.

Eating when we’re not hungry also upsets our digestive system (emotional eating). When we do this, we learn that the emotions generated by our subconscious thoughts interfere with the proper workings of our physical body. 

Dr. Leaf points to a gut-brain link that proves that biology, neurology, and theology are all integrated within us and why it is so important to make sure we implant the word of God which is living and true, into our minds so that it affects every part of our body positively.

This is the way to overcome overeating and overdrinking. Speak scripture over your life continuously. Listen to this week’s episode to hear more about the gut-brain link, emotional eating, and the transformative impact of integrating Scripture into our thoughts. 

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Think and Eat Yourself Smart by Dr. Caroline Leaf

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