The Power of the Female Body with Mama Jane

Jun 22, 2023

We have to shift our mindset into love and abundance.

Beth Bubik

Desperate for Change

In today’s episode, Beth is interviewing Jane Snyder, the founder and CEO of Wisdom Wellness Coaching, and the host of the podcast, “Cycles and Sanctity.” Affectionately named “Mama Jane” by her clients, she combines her knowledge of the Billings Ovulation Method with Catholic mindset coaching to mother her clients and help them embrace the unique beauty of their bodies. Today, Beth and Jane are contemplating the miraculous intricacies of a woman’s cycle, and how those intricacies can complement the Eat, Fast, Feast cycle. 

Mama Jane shares her own unique NFP experiences, both with seven years of infertility, and with managing her fertility during her husband’s deployment. She shares beautiful ways that women can offer up the different phases of their cycles for others, and she and Beth compare the fasting and feasting encountered in the woman’s cycle with the fasting and feasting of the Delay and Pray lifestyle. They also discuss the unitive and procreative aspects of the marital act, and how both NFP and fasting honor the full integration of the human person: body, mind, and soul. They end their discussion by sharing Mama Jane’s “two holy duties,” emphasizing the importance of shifting into an abundance mindset toward the female body.  

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