The Emotional Season of Advent

Dec 19, 2023

So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

Isaiah 41:10

Family around the Thanksgiving Feast dinner table with mom carving the turkey

It is the Advent Season and time to enjoy the festive hustle and bustle of the holiday season. What is interesting about this penitential season is that it is generally lived in a more upbeat and joyful manner than Lent. But, we still fast and pray with fervor for the coming of the Lord.

Christ is coming! He is coming! These are the thoughts that can drive our emotions to a really positive place even when the deadlines are nearing and the stress of getting ready for the great holiday is high. It is a time that we can trust God that He is with us through the whole Advent – we need not fear or work ourselves into exhaustion. We can lean into Him, fasting and praying the whole way. 

He is our God! How delightful!

Use the thought model this season and keep thoughts of the Holy Family in mind at all times. Use familiar scripture verses to remind yourself that you may not be able to get all the things done on your list by yourself, but He can. He is the King of kings! Lean on Him and His bountiful graces.

Seek His goodness and what He is trying to teach you all day long. God never fails to show me opportunities to grow in virtue and tenacity if I’m seeking these things. Because of Catholic Coaching, I tend to show up now looking for value. And, I find it. It is a deliberate mind shift into love and abundance. I grow immensely from every Advent.

And, it’s definitely not perfect – ever!

Amazingly, I do this all the time with my clients – creating thoughts about the specific feelings they most want to feel in relation to the results they seek. It’s a great exercise that can drive your feelings, actions, and results in achieving your goals with Spiritual Fasting in any season of the year.

When it comes to Spiritual Fasting and weight loss and just following your schedule, you will learn that emotional discomfort and leaning into God with negative emotion is the price you pay for growth in virtue while helping those that you love. The faster you learn to think Godly thoughts that allow you to lean into emotional discomfort instead of fighting it or eating it – the faster you will grow spiritually. As you detach from sugar, flour, and alcohol, you will attach to God – praying more and consuming less.

It is a beautiful thing! We call it mortification in the Catholic World. It is the currency to your dreams for your body and soul and the souls of others!

And, it is the way to heaven. Happy Advent. You can do it!

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