The Best Year Yet!

Jan 12, 2023

sanctify yourself, sanctify the world 


Your best year yet! 2023 butterfly logo and gifts

In today’s episode, Beth is claiming 2023 as the Best Year Yet. She’s explaining the transformation that happens through spiritual fasting, and how trusting the Lord with your desires will become easier and make every successive year better than the last. She’s also outlining a few Spiritual Fasting themes for 2023, starting with Fasting for Life.

Transformation through Redemptive Suffering

  • The logo of The Catholic Fasting Coach is a butterfly, signifying transformation in Christ – the cross means “through suffering.” 

Spiritual Fasting = More Suffering?

  • The Delay and Pray process entails suffering, but no more suffering than you are experiencing already.
  • Establishing lifelong habits requires some discomfort.

Scripture for the Year – Isaiah 45:2-3

  • Spiritual Fasting develops a trust that turns even failure into a path to success.
  • Stepping out in faith becomes easier every year. 

Fasting with A Purpose

  • 2023’s Spiritual Fasting Themes
    • Fasting for Life
    • Fasting for Lent
    • Fasting for Fathers
    • Fasting for Freedom
    • Fasting for Our Lady
    • Fasting for Advent

Fasting for Life

  • Kick-off January with Fasting for Life
    • Last year, through prayer and fasting, Roe v Wade was overturned.
    • Beth describes her own journey from pro-choice to pro-life, suggesting that the prayer and fasting of others converted her, and now she is paying it forward.

The Body-Soul Composite

  • We have physical bodies (moving parts, complicated systems, and inevitable decay) as well as souls (an animating, spiritual principle, infused at conception, which gives us life, rationality, and immortality).

The Battle

  • Cultural norms are strong, but God is stronger.
  • The unborn, the mothers, and the people who support the pro-choice movement need us to fast for them.
  • “Christ can only be met under the weight of the Cross.” -Fr. Alfred Delp, Advent of the Hear
  • With Spiritual Fasting, we can change the world for the better.
    Relaxed Beth with Coffee Portrait

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