the beauty of lent

Mar 14, 2022

“peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.”

John 14:27

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The beauty of Lent if you choose to partake is the opportunity to look within yourself and repent of those things that are holding you back from experiencing true happiness. Repenting literally changes your body and soul. We all have sinful habits that we wish we didn’t have like overeating, procrastinating, angry outbursts, disorganization, overwhelm, etc. Any vice from this list can seem to rob you of your peace and joy and motivate you to change. With God’s grace you can change, because you were designed for peace.

Spiritual fasting that is just resting from certain foods for a period of time (especially those that are addictive like sugar) can help. It simply forms good habits over time. You feel better. You look better. You depend on God more. All good things resulting in a little more peace and joy.

Spiritual Fasting ultimately brings about peace.

“Peace is yours as a gift from the Lord, as a responsibility and a challenge.” Saint Pope John Paul II

Think of that statement: Peace is your responsibility and challenge. Yes, you have to work at it alongside God’s grace. And, it is also a gift. It happens when you decide to undergo short term discomfort for long term gain—all while offering that suffering up to God for a loved one. This can be done when you manage your mind around your food choices.

Spiritual fasting will help you grow in ways that you’ve never imagined.

It is the spiritual muscle that summons miracles around every corner for both you and your loved ones resulting in optimal health and weight.

Spiritual fasting has brought more breakthroughs in my life than I could ever imagine. Weight loss and job changes, our dream home, a better marriage, closeness to God within my family are just some of the miracles that have happened. I’m simply a better person.

You can fast with a spiritual purpose for any desire of your heart.

This is why I Love Lent

It is a communal time when Catholics are encouraged to slow down, get our bodies physically into the Church, and really take a look at our lives. What habits aren’t serving us? Repent of those things. What thoughts aren’t serving us? Shift those thoughts. Repentance is a change of heart and mind that ultimately moves us closer to God while turning to him for forgiveness. It is motivated as much by our desire to be healthy and fit in mind and body as it is by love for God and a deep desire to obey His commandments. They go together.

I’m learning that repentance equals freedom for my life.

Repentance equals freedom from overeating and overdrinking and just overconsuming altogether. It also results in less procrastination and overwhelm. Addictions (especially to sugar) kept my emotions spinning. Once I figured out how to change the patterns of overconsuming, then my best life slowly appeared. Of course it did. The promises of Jesus are true. I just didn’t know how to do it until now. And, Lent was just the beginning.

Start Fasting for Lent now.

There is no better time to begin. Our Blessed Mother is calling us into action. She needs our Fasting now more than ever. Commit your time, energy, and money to learning how to fast. Find a friend who will do this with you so that you keep each other accountable all year round.

One year from now you will be transformed inside and out. Virtue will have supplanted vice and Lent 2023 will be viewed through a different lens of peace.

Lose weight permanently.

Gain freedom spiritually.


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