The Sword of Spiritual Fasting

Aug 15, 2023

But this kind does not come out except by prayer and fasting

Matthew 17:21

Christ the King

The Church has always called us to Spiritual Fasting. It is a body and soul weapon that can win souls on the current battlefield of life that is happening right now.

Jesus and his disciples fasted. Our Lady fasted. We as Christians are all called to fast.

Fasting off food combined with Prayer brings us closer to Jesus and defeats Satan.

Jesus himself tells us that some demons can only be cast out by both Prayer and Fasting! (Matt 17:21)

Our world needs this type of warfare right now. If ever you feel discouraged about how to help your family or the nation or the church, start fasting. That is something you can do right now to affect change for the better.

Don’t refrain from trying to Delay and Pray™ because it is hard. It’s only hard for a time. Once you figure out with the help of the Holy Spirit what your body and soul need to be at their best and fit for the Kingdom, it gets easier!

You know that meme that says, “Choose your hard.” This is one of those choices—choose the difficulty of spiritual fasting and you won’t regret it. It’s either hard now for a time or hard later for the long haul.

Choose hard now.

Why is fasting so difficult? Because fasting is challenging!

Fasting from food is more demanding than even giving time or money because you are giving your body, your flesh, and offering to be slightly hungry for God. We are not accustomed to this.

It is not easy to be hungry—even just a little bit. We are an instant gratification culture. It takes a bit of work to get started. It takes preparation, thought, regimen, and community to do it well.

It involves changing weekly habits of meals, reception of the Sacraments, and possibly cooking differently for family members than yourself.

This can be challenging when you first begin. But, because it is demanding, it is an offering to God.

You offer this suffering to Him and he gives you back so much more including weight loss and optimal health. This is the way to healing and casting out addictions for yourself and others and to obtain breakthroughs from God, for yourself, and loved ones as long as they are aligned with God’s will.

It is amazing to think that we can help save souls by just delaying sugar, flour, and alcohol during the week and giving up meat on Wednesdays and Fridays. It is possible. Spiritual fasting is the spiritual weapon of our times. Our loved ones and the world need this sword as a spiritual weapon right now.

You are invited to pick up the sword and begin your fight right now. You will never regret it!

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