Stop the Overeating: Part 1

Jul 27, 2023

Take the pressure off yourself. This is not a diet. It is a spiritual lifestyle.

Beth Bubik

Megan Gephart

What if the best way to stop overeating and to start enjoying the best days of your life had literally nothing to do with food itself? In this episode,  Beth is exploring practical ways to overcome common food struggles, but more importantly, she’s tackling the interior thoughts and desires that create the chaos that ultimately lead to overeating. If you have struggled with diets in the past and you’re frustrated by the numbers on the scale, you don’t want to miss this episode!  

Beth begins by defining overeating, and challenging the diet mentality. By shifting our focus from deprivation to experimentation, Beth unearths a new way to view the impact that food has on both our bodies and our minds. She even debunks some myths about foods that have been wrongly labeled “unhealthy,” while simultaneously explaining why no foods should be eaten with reckless abandon. 

Have you heard of the motivational triad? “Seeking pleasure, avoiding pain, and reducing effort” is a default setting in the human brain, but it can have catastrophic results on the mind and body when we allow it to influence our food choices. To undo the damage done by these brain habits or “neural pathways,” Beth suggests identifying the scenarios that lead to overeating, and making a plan to address them in the future. The same repetitive process that created the unconscious bad habits can be used to create unconscious virtuous habits!

And finally, if you’re struggling, Beth suggests praying for the virtue of longanimity: the willingness to wait for the good. As Beth says, “This is the ticket to heaven for the whole Body of Christ.” 

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