Sr. Dede Byrne, The Eucharist is The Main Course of Life

Oct 12, 2023

It’s before the Blessed Sacrament that I found the love of Jesus, and the power of that love.

Monsignor Francesco Maria Greco

Altar for Mass with sacred vessels

On this special episode of the Delay and Pray Podcast, Beth is sharing the ‘main course’ of her Hungry for God Virtual Dinner Party: an interview with Sr. Dede Byrne. This inspiring woman is the Mother Superior of the Community of the Little Workers of the Sacred Heart, a surgeon, and a retired US Army colonel. Throughout her various callings, Sr. Dede has maintained a deep devotion to the Eucharist and the sanctity of human life. Her experiences show us that when God calls us, He doesn’t just want certain parts of us – He wants all of us. 

Raised in a home devoted to the Eucharist, Sr. Dede describes Christ as the “main course” of our lives, and shares moments when an interaction with the Eucharist was quickly followed by unexpected blessings. She suggests that Perpetual Adoration is where you receive your “to-do list” from God, and calls the Mass and Adoration the “twin lights” of the Eucharist.

Declaring herself “not just pro-life, but pro-eternal-life,” she is also deeply passionate about the sanctity of human life – she spoke on it at the Republican National Convention, and is actively involved in bringing awareness to the crime of euthanasia and the power of a holy, natural death. 

If you love Sr. Dede and want to hear more from her, check out the International Week of Prayer and Fasting event on October 28th – she’ll be speaking!

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