Spiritual Fasting is the Key to Happiness

Mar 2, 2023

“if feeling our hunger can awaken our spiritual senses,
never feeling hunger can dull them.”

christopher west


Lenten image with Key

In today’s episode, Beth is discussing the second pillar of Lent: Spiritual Fasting. Through the redemptive suffering of spiritual fasting, we can win souls for the Lord and deepen our relationship with Christ… all while reaching our weight loss goals. 

Do you want to be rich, happy, and thin? Beth shares some interesting insights on that desire, and the indispensable role of spiritual fasting in achieving it. She also shares why dieting doesn’t work, and uses the example of a pregnant mother to emphasize the power of willingly delaying gratification for the good of someone else.

Whether you’re on a specialized diet for health reasons, or want to experience the joy of feasting more fully, Spiritual Fasting is the key to finding happiness in every area of life. Who wouldn’t want that?

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