Sleeping and Overeating

Aug 24, 2023

Sleep is as important as exercise and nutrition.

Beth Bubik

woman asleep with bowl of food on her abdomen

Anyone else feeling tired? Today, Beth is talking about how sleep-deprivation can inhibit your ability to achieve the vibrant life you desire. She explains different sleep rhythms, describes what good sleep actually looks like, shares scientific explanations of what sleep (and the lack thereof) does to your brain and body, and suggests various ways to optimize your sleep in order to live a more fruitful life.

Did you know that you may be genetically predisposed to stay up later or get up earlier than other people? Beth encourages everyone to discover their natural sleep rhythm, and make a plan to honor it. She also shares how just a few more hours of sleep could affect your weightloss journey, and how sleep-deprivation can awaken the primitive brain’s desire for fast-acting carbs, rather than healthy foods. 

And for any new parents out there: Beth understands that sleep may not always be easily accessible. Even with that, she encourages everyone to keep this information handy, and create a lifestyle that promotes sleep as much as possible. Maybe that’s reading Scripture before bed, instead of binging Netflix. Maybe it’s avoiding excessive caffeine intake, or journaling to work through your stress. Or maybe it’s simply honoring your natural circadian rhythms: eating when it’s daylight, and sleeping when it’s dark.

Making changes in your sleep schedule can be challenging. If you’re feeling discouraged, try Beth’s new motto: “Wrestle. Pray. Trust. And then Repeat.” Three steps forward and two steps back still results in a trajectory towards sainthood: you just have to be willing to get back up and try again. 

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