Sleeping and Overdrinking

Aug 31, 2023

With good sleep, everything is better.

Beth Bubik

Married couple sitting on couch

Did you know that a few glasses of wine before bed can throw off your sleep schedule for days? In today’s episode, Beth is explaining the science behind alcohol’s effect on the human brain. The glass of wine that you ‘need’ to relax in the evenings isn’t helping you relax – it’s actually stimulating your fight-or-flight response, shutting down the regenerative process of your brain, and ruining your sleep.

Luckily, Beth has a few tips for improving the quality of your sleep, and it starts with fasting from alcohol in the evenings. She’s also sharing ways to create a quality sleep environment in your bedroom, and a bedtime routine that will optimize your sleep experience. And of course, she’s giving you fair warning of the habits that are most likely to damage or even completely ruin your chances of rejuvenating rest. 

Beth reminds us that good habits beget good habits: for example, quality sleep will lead to quality days! The reverse is also true: a few drinks or some caffeine before bed will rob you of good sleep, which will in turn rob you of your best life tomorrow. If you’re ready to reclaim your right to dream, don’t miss this episode!

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