Pursue Your Dream

May 25, 2023

I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

Psalms 139:14

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Today, Beth is talking about pursuing your dreams, and she starts by sharing some good news about one of hers: the first draft of her book on spiritual fasting is complete! With the help of an amazing coach, Nika Maples, Beth was able to overcome her unhelpful thoughts and find the determination to complete the hardest part of this dream project. Today, Beth is sharing the vital steps you need to take to achieve the dreams God has placed on your heart.

First, Beth talks about the importance of thinking thoughts that are fueled by the feeling of determination. She explains the power of your mind, and how important it is to look at your thoughts objectively to see which are serving you, and which are not. She shares the impact that Nika Maples’ reel on determination had on her own determination, and also explains a technique involving a chair that Nika shared with her to help her continue on her road to authorhood. 

Finally, Beth talks about how the tactics she learned in writing her book are the same needed for pursuing weight loss and spiritual growth through fasting. She talks about the way diet mentality can creep into your mind, and how important it is to shift back into divine awareness. She discusses strategically conquering your mental battlefield, suggesting that prayers are healthy and abundant thoughts. But she warns that, left unchecked, your negative thoughts can harm you and others, producing a reality contrary to your dreams. Beth also brings out that famous buzz-word, self-care, and suggests that true self-care is not so much manicures and massages as it is managing our minds. And don’t miss the story Beth tells at the end, about how a prayerful post-it note on a nightstand can change your life. 

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