Prayer as the Hinge of Life

Oct 20, 2023

We owe God our prayers after what He has done for us! This is why the Virgin is calling us to prayer – to have intimacy with God the Father.

James 5:16

woman praying in front of a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God.

The Blessed Mother is always inviting us into prayer. Prayer is the foundation of everything and changes everything, too.

The Catechism clearly defines prayer as a “vital and personal relationship with the living and true God.” (CCC 2558).

I have often heard that Prayer is: The raising of one’s mind and heart to God in worship and thanksgiving. The requesting of good things from God through petition and intercession.

Prayer is an act of moral virtue directed toward God that some theologians say is through the Cardinal Virtue of Justice. The highest form of prayer is worship at the Holy Mass and receiving the Eucharist. God loves to see us face-to-face. He longs for it like we long to see our own children in the same way. This truly is Justice – what we owe him on a daily basis.

We owe God our prayers after what he has done for us! This is why the Virgin is calling us to prayer – to have intimacy with God the Father.

I love this thought and it is so true. I tell you all this, not to confuse you, but to help us all understand that Prayer is literally the hinge between this earthly life and eternal life.

And, at this time with so much happening in the world in the form of wars, politics, social media, entertainment, and the culture – it is easy to disregard. But, we cannot afford to be distracted.

Prayer is truly the hinge to the door between this earthly life and eternal life.

I first was made aware of this idea of Prayer as the hinge of life when I started praying the Liturgy of the Hours last year. One of my clients had told me of a new program through Word on Fire that actually delivers Liturgy of the Hours booklets to your address each month.

They are sweet little orange booklets that are just beautiful and easy to pray 3 times a day. When you begin as a layperson, you can start small and say just one of the times or a bit of each one. Regardless of how you begin – you will fall in love with this beautiful 3-times-a-day prayer routine that literally makes Prayer the 3 hinges of your day.

Whereas any other person marks his day by breakfast, lunch, and dinner, one who prays the LOTH begins to make prayer the hinge of his day, opening the day with morning prayer, closing the workday with evening prayer, and ending the day with night prayer. All including worship, petition, thanksgiving and intercession. And, millions of people are praying with you—especially the Blessed Mother. We are all literally praying as The Body of Christ without ceasing day after day. I love this concept and is a great addition to Adoration, too.

So, Prayer – not food or drink becomes the hinge of your day. This is now my new Spiritual Fasting goal!

This is where Our Lady is calling me. And, I’m trying to answer every day!

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