The Power of a Woman

Jun 1, 2023

Sanctify yourself, sanctify the world.

St. Francis of Assisi

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In today’s episode, Beth is focusing on the power of womanhood, primarily because she’s also sharing some exciting news: she’s a grandma now! She begins this episode by sharing a little about the birth of her granddaughter, her thoughts on grandmotherhood, and the wisdom of her own mother. She also shares the witness of several powerful women, both in heaven and on this side of eternity, and reminds her listeners that women are strong, and through prayer and spiritual fasting, they can change themselves and the world.

Beth recalls the message of the most powerful woman in history – the Blessed Mother – to remind us to pray, fast, and frequent the Sacraments. She also discusses another powerful Mom – St. Monica – whose prayer and fasting eventually led her son to become a great saint and doctor of the church. Beth shares the story of a former student, Jordan Dooley, who continued to love and serve others while going through the heartbreak of multiple miscarriages, and how prayer and fasting is leading her to the happily-ever-after of her dreams.  

In short, Beth is reminding us that strong women fast, pray, and see miracles abound. Under the Blessed Mother’s guidance, women can change the world with their loving self-sacrifice. Today, Beth is encouraging all women to enter into this delay and pray lifestyle, opening themselves up to failing forward and trusting in the miraculous interventions of God. 

And her final tip? Give Our Lady your prayers. Christ can’t turn down any request from His Mother.   

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