3 Ways to Plan for a Transformative Lent

Feb 9, 2023

“these forty days are just the beginning of a new you in body and soul.

beth bubik

February 2023 Calendar with Ash Wednesday circled

In Episode 12 of the Delay and Pray Podcast, Beth is helping you prepare for the best Lent of your life. Transformation comes through Christ, but Beth encourages you to make a few plans to commit to this journey with Him. With insightful questions and personal testimonies, she’s offering three specific ways to plan for a transformative Lent. 

  • Get motivated before Lent
  • Create a Lent calendar
  • Start Spiritually Fasting

Can weakness motivate you during Lent? Beth thinks so. She also discusses her personal experience in using a calendar during Lent, planning everything from Mass/Confession times to what books/movies she wants to enjoy. And in learning to delay sugar, flour, and alcohol, Beth has a pro-tip: delaying is hard – don’t make it harder during this learning process. Let your healthy options be well-seasoned and delicious

Immerse yourself in Lent, and watch as it gets easier year by year. And one day, you’ll find yourself saying with Beth, “I can’t wait for Lent. I love it.”

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