Nunc Coepi! Now I Begin!

Jun 8, 2023

This will be then the remedy for all your feelings of sadness and of fearfulness of heart: the thought that, with the grace of God . . . you can do anything.

Venerable Bruno Lanteri

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What if you had permission to fail and start over 1000x every single day? Today, Beth is offering her listeners the hope to begin anew, regardless of where they are in their journey, or how often they’ve failed. 

Whether it’s fasting to lose weight, or buying a course to help you achieve a goal, Beth is talking about the necessity of an all-in commitment to create change in your life. You have to want it enough to suffer for it. You have to be willing to stand back up and try again when you fall. Using Biblical references, saint quotes, and real-life experience, Beth shares the pain of growth, reminding you to cry out to God for help, and check your self-reliance at the door. She reassures you that when you start on the path to achieve your dreams, it will reveal every weakness you have. But you can start again, even if it takes 1000x a day.

This journey towards health, earthly happiness, and eternal glory is not for the faint of heart. Ready to invest in the “you” God has in mind? Join the Delay and Pray Program, and experience the freedom of failing forward to the life you desire!


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