Money Grows On Trees with Joann Gillis

Dec 28, 2023

“I tell you, that to every one who has, more will be given; but from him who has not, even what he has will be taken away “

Luke 19:26

How do you invest your treasure?

Have you considered your thoughts, feelings, and actions about money? Are they anything like your thoughts, feelings, and actions about your weight? 

Many of us have grown up thinking that getting thin is difficult and that making money is even harder! These thoughts have likely been passed down to us. It’s time to figure out exactly what we desire and how to achieve the results. I’m here to tell you that the results of both are available to you with God’s blessing. 

It is possible to find these pesky thoughts and shift them in your favor. It’s all about your thoughts first, feelings second, and then your actions. If you remember the Thought model, this makes sense. If not, you will want to tune in to this week’s podcast episode. 

I am joined by Joann Gillis, my new Podcast Manager, who went through the Delay and Pray™ program before joining my team. She talks about how she discerns, invests her treasure, and trusts in God to provide when He calls her to something – both in her personal life and in her business. 

In this episode, we share our past thoughts about money and fasting and how they didn’t serve us.

How will you invest your treasure?


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