Water on the Wood Miracles with Kylie Hein

Feb 1, 2024

“The faster you renounce those temptations or lies, it’s going to go away. It’s when we let them linger and we choose to consent to them, that they just stick around and they start to pile up.”

– Kylie Hein

Miracles do come true!

Today, I am interviewed by Kylie Hein, a coach that is near and dear to my heart. She is a certified Catholic mindset coach on a mission to bring souls back to Christ through prayer, by combining mindset coaching with the rules of discernment for spiritual growth.

In this episode, Kylie recalls a memory of me teaching the group at Metanoia Catholic what I call “the water on the wood miracle” that we should all be praying for. Why?

Because sometimes we just need to be obedient to God, and do what He says, instead of using our human reasoning to go our own way. 

Trust in the Lord is difficult for all of us.

The water on the wood miracle is described in 1 Kings 18, and it is a scripture worth taking to heart and spending time with in adoration. What does God have to say to you about the water on the wood miracles that you are looking for?

In this episode, we share some of the mindset shifts that help us to embrace spiritual fasting, along with our stories, challenges and triumphs on the journey. We discuss the impact of redemptive suffering, how we can prepare for Lent and pray and fast with Jesus in the desert this year. 

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