Metabolic Flexibility for God: Part 1

Jul 13, 2023

I know indeed how to live in humble circumstances; I know also how to live with abundance. In every circumstance and in all things I have learned the secret of being well fed and of going hungry, of living in abundance and of being in need.

Phillippians 4:12

Megan Gephart

The fourth of July was last week, and the feasting and parties were glorious! But how many of us are worried about returning to “normal” life now that the feasting is over? On today’s episode, Beth is introducing her listeners to the concept of metabolic flexibility, a skill that can help you feast joyfully without losing your ability to return to the eat/fast/feast cycle as soon as the holiday ends. To achieve this kind of freedom, she offers five suggestions for achieving and maintaining metabolic flexibility even during celebratory seasons throughout the year.  

Beth shares a few minimum baseline plans for staying on target spiritually and physically during holiday weeks, even while the sugar consumption goes up. She also shares a few of the devastating  side-effects that over-consumption of sugar/flour/alcohol have on the body, mind and soul. With this in mind, she taps into the science of glucose and ketones, and explains how the eat/fast/feast cycle leads to a metabolic flexibility that processes carbs and fats more efficiently. Finally, she shares her personal testimony of the life-changing daily affects that the eat/fast/feast cycle has had on her, both physically and spiritually. 

She ends her podcast by listing her five ways to be metabolically flexible with God during any holiday: take notes, because these steps are simple, effective, and fully doable even during the busiest holiday seasons! 

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