Jan 26, 2023

The shape of your body often obeys the shape of your beliefs about yourself, 

about love, your value, possibility, and God.

geneen roth


stained glass window of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

In today’s episode, Beth is discussing the innate lovability of each human being, regardless of his/her habits, thoughts, or the number on the scale.

Many of us let the scale determine our lovability. Beth explains why we are lovable regardless of our eating habits, and how the transformative process of Spiritual Fasting (with the irreplaceable help of the Sacraments) can teach us to love ourselves with deeper compassion, even in the midst of our weaknesses. She explains that Spiritual Fasting can strengthen our understanding of our own self-worth, deepen our desire for Christ, and even love others more fully, without demanding their love in return. 

Listen to Beth talk about a life-changing moment when God explained her own lovability to her through a secular podcast. She also shares a story about a client whose father never told her he loved her, and how Spiritual Fasting helped her rediscover her own lovability – and even the lovability of her father. And there’s a little homework for this week: study the word “lovability,” and see where it takes you!

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