Journaling Through the Thought Model Interview with Skye Angioletti

Feb 2, 2023

If I want to stop eating meat on Wednesdays, then I have to stop eating meat on Wednesdays.

skye angioletti


Journaling with tea

In today’s episode, Beth is interviewing her client Skye Angioletti, a theology teacher at the Notre Dame School of Manhattan, who was introduced to the Thought Model and Spiritual Fasting in 2022. Together, they are discussing the importance of journaling, as well as Skye’s journey through the Delay and Pray Program. 

Beth begins by giving a brief introduction to journaling. Using Biblical imagery, she explains the importance of sorting through thoughts with Christ, reminding listeners that their thoughts produce their results.

She then begins her conversation with Skye, journeying back through Skye’s momentary successes with other programs and intermittent fasting, and ultimately reaching long-term success through journaling, coaching, and spiritual fasting. With the skills she has learned, Skye can now confidently say, “I know I won’t gain this weight back, and if I did, I’d know exactly why.” 

Skye shares some of the unhelpful thoughts that she had when she first began coaching with Beth, particularly surrounding the emotional difficulty of relinquishing donuts.

Listen in as Skye relates the power of the thought, “It’s not that great,” when faced with the food options at a faculty training. She describes her ability to remain calm when her son’s emotions, a text, and a scale created a situation that would formerly have led to over-eating. She also shares some of the health issues she used to struggle with that have been greatly reduced by this new lifestyle.

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