Delaying Alcohol with Lisa Canning

Jan 19, 2023

I thought I couldn’t do this…  I wonder what other things in my life I have been telling myself I cannot do?

lisa canning


Poolside Cocktail

Today on the Delay and Pray Podcast, Beth Bubik is interviewing Lisa Canning. Lisa is a former interior designer on HGTV, a mom of ten, and a Catholic life coach and business coach. In this episode, Beth and Lisa are discussing Lisa’s journey with delaying and praying, specifically in delaying alcohol.

Lisa shares that she enjoys a nightly glass of wine and initially struggled with following a protocol for delaying alcohol. But her success in delaying made her wonder: where else might she be limiting herself in her own thinking?

Come along for the conversation as Beth and Lisa explore Lisa’s journey with delay and pray through a difficult life event, and even experience a mini-coaching session as Beth coaches Lisa on her date night desire for a “beautifully crafted cocktail.” Listen in as they discuss the importance of planning, not only the delay, but even the feasting involved in Delay and Pray. 

Lisa’s final advice? “The work is worth it.”

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