Hungry for God

Sep 14, 2023

Fasting is a basic physiological need and above all an ancient spiritual practice.

Beth Bubik

Altar for Mass with sacred vessels

In today’s episode, Beth is encouraging her listeners to get hungry for God by diving into Spiritual Fasting. She explains the three parts of successful Catholic Fasting, and the two types of fuel our bodies burn to give us energy. She also shares the fasting practices of the ancient Church, explaining the metabolic flexibility that occurs while following the lifestyle practiced by the early Christians. And finally, she’s reminding her listeners of the power of the Sacraments, and encouraging them to “Begin again with gentle repentance” and give themselves fully to God.

Beth begins by admitting that Spiritual Fasting is not for the faint of heart, but with the three tools of the Eat Fast Feast Cycle, mindset work, and the Sacraments, it can create miracles in your life. She explains that our bodies burn two types of fuel – sugar and fat – and explains the science behind each. She shares the benefits of being in ‘ketosis,’ and encourages her listeners to reach ‘Catholic metabolic flexibility’ by eating, fasting, and feasting with a spiritual purpose according to the Church year.

Beth ges on to share that the ancient Church fasted most of the time, creating an optimal experience of health for the early Christians. She compares the experience of fasting to Christ’s words at the Last Supper, suggesting that fasting gives us the opportunity to offer our bodies as a sacrifice for others. The reason diets don’t work is because they are me-centered and involve persistent calorie restrictions that make us hungry. Catholic fasting involves a healthier metabolic approach while enjoying wholesome foods and offering up any suffering for the sake of others. 

And remember: God loves you infinitely. As Beth says, “Shift from desperation to confidence in God and you will see miracles in your body, your life, and in the world.” Give yourself fully to God in Spiritual Fasting – you won’t be disappointed. 

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