his love is superabundant

Apr 10, 2022

“behold, the lamb of god, who takes away the sins of the world! “

John 1:29

Jesus and the Crucifixion

During Holy Week, we spiritually walk with Jesus on his final journey here on Earth. We recall how Jesus, fully human and fully divine, hung on the cross for the sake of all of us. He offered himself for the sins of humanity. He has saved us in the most superabundant loving way possible. We need only to reach back and offer him ourselves in return. We do not need to hang on the cross like he did—just reach back to him.

We were created to reach back.

In Richard Neuhaus’s book, Death on a Friday Afternoon, he says, “From God’s side, so to speak, it was always Love all the way, the failure was on our side.” Richard goes on to say that the crucifixion remedied that. Humanity was suddenly swept into the life of God—whether we want it or not. Because of Good Friday, there is absolutely no one in any circumstance that cannot reach Him now. He is here for the taking. Some of us are born and remain in His love, some return like the prodigal son, some persist in getting lost over and over again, and some decline to ever take the way home and reach back.

Jesus, the Lamb of God, has taken away the sins of the world!

But, reaching back to him or not, Jesus, the Lamb of God, sacrificed on the cross, has vanquished death on a Friday afternoon, once and for all. He works in mysterious ways to call us back to him; to forge a path and drop little pieces of sacred bread to lead us home. He works through us and in us if we let him.

His Love is superabundant.

It is always here to return to. The sacrifice has been made. It just takes courage and fortitude, hope and love to come back and grasp Him. Don’t worry about understanding the depths of it. Or understanding it at all. You never really will. Just reach back and carve out a little tiny piece of his cross for yourself. Carry it with you in Faith so that your life and love, offered for others, will be superabundant, too.

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