Going into the Desert this Lent

Feb 16, 2023

Hide yourself in a love more penetrating than a brush fire, more overwhelming than a deluge.

Fr. Patrick Reidy, C.S.C.


Purple sky and silhouette of person carrying a cross

The countdown to Lent begins! In this episode, Beth is preparing for the approaching Lenten season by giving her listeners a clear explanation of what Lent requires, as well as optional (but dynamic!) practices.

She is discussing the requirements of fasting and abstinence, the redemptive power of uniting our personal sacrifices to the Lord’s sufferings, and the life-changing results that can come from allowing Christ to fill the desert within us.

Beth shares her first experience of “going into the desert” during Lent 2020, and how fasting opened doors that seemed impenetrable. She also describes the immense power of Lent 2021, as she led her first Lent Course with Coaching, and began fasting for healing in her family relationships.

Listen in as she shares a deeply personal story about an encounter with Christ’s wounds during Holy Week, and reassures her listeners that the mortifications of Lent will always result in greater delight on Easter morning.

Links for Lent:

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