God, Hunger, and Your Cycle

Nov 9, 2023

“It’s a slow trajectory to sainthood. It’s a slow trajectory to whole foods, a slow trajectory to learning about your cycle. You’re not going to learn this overnight. You’re not going to learn how to eat, fast, feast, spiritually fast and intermittent fast overnight. The Lord works slowly.”

Beth Bubik

woman charting her cycle on a calendar with a red marker

Have you ever considered that your body as a woman is a total gift from God and that your menstrual cycle can be a path to holiness? There is even a correlation between the Eat Fast Feast cycle and a woman’s cycle. 

This week, I have Jane Snyder (aka Mama Jane) back on the podcast, except this time she is interviewing me! One of the questions she asks me is ‘How do we feast well, without overindulging?’ Mama Jane is a trained NFP Billings Instructor, certified Metanoia Catholic mindset coach, and host of the weekly podcast ‘Cycles and Sanctity’.

In this episode, Jane goes into detail about a woman’s cycle and shares some rules of the Billings Method. She provides insights into connecting our spiritual life with our cycles. I shared how the Delay & Pray program works along with intermittent fasting and we explored the fascinating parallels between the Eat Fast Feast cycle and women’s menstrual cycles

We talk about our experiences of learning new things, the law of gradualism, and the importance of engaging in various activities that keep our minds occupied on positive goals and away from unhealthy habits. You can expect to gain valuable insights from this conversation and walk away with a renewed sense of gratitude for your mind, body, and soul, and the virtues you can acquire through delayed gratification.  

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