Friday Night Drinking

Aug 17, 2023

Alcohol is small and irrelevant in my life.

Annie Grace, This Naked Mind

Woman holding wine glass

Friday night happy hour? Count Beth… out! In today’s episode, she’s challenging the idea that Friday night fun begins with a drink. Thought shifts, scientific proof, and her own personal testimony combine into a provocative episode that boils down to answering one simple question: “Do you really need to drink to have fun?” 

Beth shares a recent story about a family weekend when she was tempted to have a drink, and the thoughts and motivations that kept her strong in spite of that desire. She gives a few excellent examples of motivating thought shifts and even shares a deliverance prayer that she has found helpful in the face of temptation. Using her own struggles as an example, Beth reassures her listeners that giving up alcohol does get easier and more rewarding: she hasn’t had a drink on Friday night throughout 2023!

And if, after all that, you’re still reaching for a glass of wine, Beth shares some pretty fascinating scientific facts about the cyclical havoc that alcohol can raise in your brain, and the destructive power of your own habitual thoughts about alcohol. You don’t need to be stuck in these cycles: using the delay-and-pray protocol, you can break these patterns and begin a fun, rewarding life without needing alcohol. You just have to be willing to question your own mind the next time it says, “I need a drink.”

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Resources Mentioned:
This Naked Mind – Annie Grace

The Alcohol Experiment – Annie Grace

Deliverance Prayers: For Use by the Laity – Fr. Chad Ripperger

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