Fighting for Freedom in the Military with Megan Gephart

Jul 6, 2023

Our calling oftentimes is really born of our pain:
it’s born of our wounds and those challenges we’ve walked through.

Megan Gephart

Megan Gephart

As we celebrate the Fourth of July this week, Beth is interviewing Megan Gephart, an active-duty Army officer, life and fitness coach, and the host of the podcast, “Armed to the Heart.” For the past three years, Megan has coached prenatal, postnatal, and high-achieving women in the military and other male-dominated environments. Today, Beth and Megan are discussing the challenges women face in the military, and Megan’s advocacy for pregnant military women. 

As an Army officer, wife, and the mother of two small boys, Megan has personally experienced pregnancy discrimination, and has also been privy to the deeply disturbing abortion policies currently in effect in the military. She has already fought for and won some policy battles, and she is now on a mission to help military women understand their options, fight for their motherhood, and understand their value as women in male-dominated environments – all while she continues to fight for necessary policy change.

Armed with the teachings of the Catholic Church and her mindset coaching tools, Megan is helping military women understand the true power of their feminine genius, and how motherhood can change them into the leaders they are meant to be.


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