At the Feet of Jesus with JoAnne Von Zwehl

May 30, 2024

“… as Peter and the disciples, while they remained in watching and prayer, lost their imperfection and acquired perfection. By what means is this acquired? By perseverance seasoned with the most holy faith.”

– St. Catherine of Siena

Woman with outstretched arms on a mountain peak facing snow covered mountaintops and clouds.

What are your feelings about art? Does it inspire you? Do you take time to go to art museums, walk through slowly, and gaze at paintings and sculptures of really talented people?

Art and music are immense motivators for me, especially when fasting with Delay and Pray™. When I feel down or have a craving due to negative feelings, I can experience an instant pick-me-up if I put on some wonderful music and take a walk.

Artwork also inspires me. I love to look at lovely images and learn about the true meaning behind the image. I do have quite a bit of religious art in my home and am constantly reminded of Christ’s presence within me and my home.

I will be adding one more piece of art to my dining room – The feet of Jesus, as painted by Joanne Von Zwehl. Wait until you hear the discussion of the inspiration behind these 6 images of Jesus’ feet. You are going to love it.

JoAnne Von Zwehl is our special guest on the podcast this week. She is a celebrated artist and serves as the President of the Rosa Mystica House of Prayer Foundation in upstate New York. The picture you see is one of the sacred spaces on their grounds.

As a visionary behind Rosa Mystica, and with the guidance of Our Lady of Rosa Mystica, JoAnne has transformed the spiritual retreat location into a haven for those seeking solace, reflection, and spiritual renewal. We hear some interesting stories about her art and this beautiful place today and how they are intertwined.

JoAnne has a special interest in prayer, fasting, and adoration, and shares why in this episode. Enjoy!

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Rosa Mystica House of Prayer

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