Fasting through Crisis with Karen Doyle

May 11, 2023

Who knows—perhaps it was for a time like this that you became queen?

Esther 4:14

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In today’s episode, Beth is speaking to Karen Doyle, the founder of the Genius Project and Podcast, and the co-founder of both Choicez Media and of Sisterhood. Join them as they travel back to the early days of the Covid 19 pandemic, and the impact that it initially had specifically on Karen’s mind, emotions, relationships, and businesses. Together, they share the ways that mindset coaching helped them understand that God made them for “a time like this.” They also discuss the power of prayer and fasting, for both spiritual and physical trials.

If you are a business owner who was impacted by the pandemic, you will find a kindred spirit in Karen. She discusses the entrepreneurial struggles of herself and her husband when their speaking engagements and school-related resources lost traction during the lockdowns in Australia. She explains the mindset shift that occurred through coaching, and how learning to manage her mind helped her shift out of the paralysis of fear and into productive action. 

Beth and Karen also discuss how the pandemic seemed to escalate many issues of mental health and spiritual fall-out that can best be addressed by prayer and fasting. Karen particularly recounts how Beth helped her incorporate fasting into her life despite having celiac disease. They discuss the spiritual fruits of fasting for others, and Karen describes the physical healing she has experienced through fasting, exercising, and celery juicing. 

Finally, Karen shares the work of her husband in Catholic teacher formation, and her own work in supporting Catholic women spiritually and personally. For more information on this couple and their incredible efforts to bring Catholic thought into an anti-Christian era, check out the links below!

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Karen’s Links:

Website: The Genius Project

Website: Choicez Media


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