Fasting for Men with Marty Thompson

Apr 27, 2023

Jesus is the greatest example of true masculinity.

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In this episode, Beth is interviewing Marty Thompson, a Catholic homeschooling Dad and a Resident Coach at Metanoia Catholic Academy. Today, Marty is sharing the powerful story of his conversion from a life of addiction to one of passionate faith. Through years of struggle, first with addiction, and then with the crosses of illnesses, deaths, and potential divorce, Marty describes how prayer, fasting, and the Sacraments gave him strength and even performed miracles along the way. His mission as a coach is to reach other men who have struggled in similar ways and to help them to step into true masculinity. 

Throughout this episode, Beth and Marty discuss the many struggles that men face in our world today, and the deep need they have for good resources, a community of faith, and strong role models, as well as prayer, fasting, and the Sacraments. Though several resources are mentioned in this episode, Marty shares the particularly deep impact that the regimen and community of Exodus 90 had on the deathbed conversion of his stepdad. Beth and Marty also encourage men to begin following the two greatest masculine role models in history: Jesus and St. Joseph. Finally, if you know of any men who are struggling with the numerous temptations of our society, check out Marty’s upcoming virtual bootcamp. In seven weeks, men will learn seven ways to become stronger, better men for their families, while receiving support from a community that understands and supports them in their struggles. Check out the link below for more information and resources from Marty!

Marty’s Links

Coaching Page

Fr. Donald Calloway: Encouraging Men to Know their Faith and Battle the Forces of Evil

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