Spiritual Fasting and Writing Books with Theresa Eppich

Apr 18, 2024

“What am I called to – what’s mine and what’s not mine? I’m constantly seeking – what is the call for me right now? 

– Theresa Eppich

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Theresa Eppich is one of my brilliant clients who is also a peer coach and kindred soul who wrote her book along with me writing my book, and we were able to complete them at the same time – publishing both in the last 2 months. Theresa is an educator, author, and Catholic Mindset and Wholeness Coach. 

In this episode, we discuss her journey to and through Spiritual Fasting, how we began peer coaching on almost every Wednesday morning for a year now, and her results of all this. We began our peer coaching centered on Spiritual Fasting and writing and publishing our books. We set goals. We shared our experiences. We coached each other through laughter and tears. And, we made it! We published our books!

Her book is titled, “A Legacy of Love: How a Holocaust Survivor Inspired Me to Live with Greater Freedom and Purpose.” It is available for purchase on Amazon right now. We discuss what it is about and why she wrote it.

My book is available now as well and is titled, “Delay and Pray: Permanent Weight Loss through Spiritual Fasting.” We discuss that book a little bit, too.

This is an interview full of hope, love, failure, and success. You’re going to hear about unlikely friendships that span the treasure of time, ages, and geography. You will hear our unique journey of coaching, writing, and achieving spiritual and physical nourishment through Catholic teaching. Theresa shares her experience with spiritual fasting, finding balance in life, and the inspiration behind her book.

Together, we discuss the importance of aligning our thoughts with Christian principles, the challenges of finding balance, and the importance of taking action to achieve goals.

Join us as we hope to inspire you to explore the power of spiritual fasting, personal growth, and making a difference in the world.

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Resources Mentioned:

Theresa’s Book: A Legacy of Love (available for purchase)

Beth’s Book: Delay and Pray (available for pre-order)

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