eating to enough

Dec 16, 2022

my grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.

2 cor 12:9-10


Healthy plate of food

When it comes to eating, I am always thinking about what day it is, who I am praying and fasting for, what food is on my protocol, and what my calendar is directing me to do. 

I eat according to an Eating, Fasting, and Feasting regimen and it is the essence of my program.

I have learned to not revolve my life around food, instead I fit my food into my calendar. Food fits into my life where I want it to fit and where it serves me best. To do this—I must plan it.

Good food simply fuels my body and soul as I have learned how to plan my eating and to eat to “enough.” The definition of enough is “as much as required.” Not too much and not too little. Sounds easy but it is challenging.

Many of us want to overeat because overeating actually gives us a dopamine hit of sorts. But, when we continue to go beyond enough, then it becomes a habit that is hard to break. And, it certainly makes spiritual fasting harder as we step into delaying food.

Practicing “eating to enough” on Eating Days helps me to be successful on Fasting Days and to not overeat or binge on Feasting days.

Here is how this works. Every week we:

  • Eat normally on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. 
  • Fast on Wednesday and Friday 
  • And feast on Sunday!

So, when I mentioned before that I think of what day it is—this is why. Every day of the week has a purpose and a meaning behind the food and alcohol I’m consuming and the activities that I am doing. After practicing for a couple years, my mind and body know exactly what is to be done on each day so that I have more mental energy to spend on things other than my weight and meals, its easier to consume just the right food, and I don’t have to spend valuable time figuring out what I’m going to eat every day and how much. I just eat to enough.

There is a definite learning curve and lots of failure at the beginning—but just like everything that you learn—it becomes more easily done with practice.

How are you doing with eating to enough. Do you know what enough feels like in your body? The first step is to just become aware of the feeling of enough. Then put your fork down and just linger and pray for a moment.

“Thank you for this food, Lord. I’ve had enough, and, honestly, you are enough.”

Try this.

You just may find yourself placing your plate on the counter without finishing your meal and walking away as full as you need to be.

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