Eating to Enough

Dec 15, 2022

but this kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting

matthew 17:21


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Welcome to the fourth episode of the Delay and Pray Podcast! In this episode, Beth is explaining the concept of  “eating to enough” by incorporating the “Eat Fast Feast” Calendar into your week. Sharing examples from her own life, Beth reveals how following this calendar can not only help you attain the health benefits you crave, but can also lead to profound spiritual growth for both yourself and your loved ones – and like everything else, it gets easier with practice!

Eating “Enough”

  • The definition of enough: As much as is required.
  • Eating “enough” leads to success on Fasting Days and moderation on Feasting Days.
  • Eating, Fasting, and Feasting is the essence of the Delay and Pray program.

The “Eat Fast Feast” Calendar

  • Eat Days: Mon/Tues/Thurs/Sat
      • This schedule consists of three normal meals each day.
      • Eliminate sugar, flour, processed food, and alcohol.
        • These foods are delayed until Sunday and offered to God.
        • With these sacrifices, you nourish your body and change the world.
      • These are the days of “The Great Experiment”: learning what is healthy for your body and practicing “eating to enough.”
    • Fasting Days: Weds/Fri
      • Abstain from meat.
      • Either eat less food, or eat less often.
      • Intermittent Fasting is an option, but not necessary.
      • Incorporate more Sacraments on these days!
  • Sunday Funday!
    • Enjoy small feasts on any item you have been delaying.
    • Celebrate the Resurrection on Sundays!
    • Remember: Sunday is a feast day, not a binge day.

Delay AND Pray

  • This experience is only successful with the delay of food AND added prayer.
  • This process will reveal vices and encourage the growth of virtues.


Make Your Calendar

  • Make room in your schedule for prayer, Mass, adoration, confession, etc. 
  • Slowly make adjustments in your food plan.
  • Choose both weight loss goals and spiritual goals. 
  • Use this calendar all year for tremendous transformation of body and soul.
  • Use it in conjunction with the Church calendar.
  • These patterns and rituals create good habits, and these habits turn into virtues.


The Church Has Always Been Calling Us To Spiritual Fasting.

  • Jesus himself tells us that some demons can only be cast out by both Prayer and Fasting! (Matt 17:21) 


“Choose Your Hard” 

  • Fasting from food is more demanding than giving time or money.
  • It takes preparation, thought, regimen, and community. 
  • Fasting leads to healing and obtains breakthroughs from God.
  • We can help save souls by spiritual fasting.


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