Desperate for Change

Jun 15, 2023

Grace is not cheap, my friends.

Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Desperate for Change

In today’s episode, Beth shares how a desperate desire for change brought spiritual fasting into her life. Are you desperate to lose weight, to bring your spouse/children back to Church, or to heal our nation? Maybe that desperation is the final push you need to finally unite your sufferings with Christ, embrace spiritual fasting, and watch your life change miraculously before your eyes.

Beth is reminding her listeners that we are an indulgent nation, and that what we really need is to cry out to the Lord and allow Him to push us off the high dive of our indulgence and into the pool of His mercy. She challenges our definition of the word fun, suggesting that it isn’t really “fun” to overeat to the point of having a painful sugar crash, or to drink to the point of a hangover. She describes the effects of food addictions, and offers a straightforward path towards a life of freedom. You have to want it. You have to pray for it. And you have to be willing to be in discomfort. 

What if feeling a little discomfort in the moment is the currency to your dreams? Are you willing to take the plunge?

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