Delay and Pray™ as Food Freedom Part #2

May 16, 2024

“There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens … “

– Ecclesiastes 3:1

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When you begin to use both body and soul to follow a regimen, life gets easier as life gets more organized and virtuous.

Forming a set of virtuous patterns to generally adhere to is often just the ticket to a life of freedom where obedience to the more virtuous things is a better choice than taking action from what I am feeling at the moment.

This is best done out of obedience and for love of the other. Love of the other is the absolute key here.

In part two of this topic, I emphasize the importance of leading with love, obedience over passion, and consecration to Mary, St. Joseph, and the Eucharistic Jesus. I speak about the trending quick weight loss methods and advocate for a mindset shift towards food freedom through spiritual development and coaching.

Food freedom is going to take Catholic mindset work, coaching, and growing in humility.

We all have wounds to heal. The answer is in the Church as I always say. Spiritual Fasting involves loving your body as it is right now — looking towards the future as you bring God into every struggle, shift those thoughts of struggle into thoughts of solution and know that He is always working for your good.

A regimen brings about consistency in your prayer life and brings you closer to God and everything else follows. It helps with Spiritual warfare because the demons will pick on us if we’re tired and weak. This is why we want to focus on eating nourishing food, going to bed and getting up every day at nearly the same time and saying prayers at the beginning and the ending of the day.

This Rule of Life thinking takes weight loss from vanity to sanctity.

If you need a little help with understanding the Delay and Pray™ method — grab my book and stick it in your cart so that you will remember me when you need it. Then sign up for the Delay and Pray™ Group Coaching Experience — where the real fruit of your efforts will be fully seen through coaching. You got this!

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Resources mentioned in this episode:

Rule of Life by Fr. Ripperger 

Ep 67: The Gap and The Gain

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