Delay and Pray™ as Food Freedom Part #1

May 9, 2024

“But Jesus answered them, My Father is always at his work to this very day, and I too am working.

– John 5:17

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Creating a Rule of Life around Spiritual Fasting is from ancient Catholic Tradition and has been around forever. As humans, we love patterns and were created to strive for good virtuous habits. 

Do you take the time to really ask yourself: “How am I going to live my life this week or this day?” If you do, good for you! That’s a win. If not, I can help you because this is where freedom lies. 

A Rule of Life is very similar with a little virtuous thought thrown in. If used correctly it will shine a light on God‘s will for you and your mission given from Him. I use it from morning until night — and it is why my delay and pray efforts are so successful — both personally and as a business.

It’s a way to shift from the Vice Cycle to the Virtue Cycle — from the over-desire of food and alcohol to the holy desire of the one True Food — Jesus Christ. 

To stop bad habits, such as overeating and overdrinking, we must have a daily routine to root out sinfulness that has created neural pathways that are very easy to utilize if you are not intentional at denaturing them and building new ones. 

This would be a regimen that is written down that we can examine at the end of every day to acknowledge what was accomplished and what still needs to be improved in the Great Experiment of our lives. This is a battle my friends, because the evil one just wants you to live it up and not spiritually fast. That is not the answer. 

In part one of this topic, I share what is needed for a good regimen within a rule of life, with tips from our favorite exorcist, Fr. Ripperger. 

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Rule of Life by Fr. Ripperger 

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