Coaching as the Salad Course with Lisa Canning and Erin Ingold

Oct 5, 2023

You can do hard, and you don’t have to do hard full throttle at the beginning.

Lisa Canning

Altar for Mass with sacred vessels

On this special episode of the Delay and Pray Podcast, Beth is sharing the ‘salad course’ of her recent Hungry for God Virtual Dinner Party: an interview with Lisa Canning (The Possibility Mom), and Erin Ingold (co-founder of Metanoia Catholic). In this discussion, Beth, Lisa, and Erin are covering everything about fasting: from thought work, to redemptive suffering, to failing forward. Whatever your circumstances may be right now, these women have tools that can help you move forward with God.

Do you ever find yourself coping with life by pouring a glass of wine? Lisa has some amazing words of wisdom on this scenario, and Beth and Erin join her in exploring how your intellect can inform your will and help you choose the greater good. Beth and Erin also share the power of suffering redemptively, and Erin encourages all listeners to find their unique, God-given way to fast for others. And finally, Lisa poses a powerful question: “What’s the alternative?” You can be frustrated that fasting is hard and wallow in your failures, or you can choose the alternative – to find your motivations, be merciful towards your failings, and try again with God’s help. As Beth and Lisa say: Hold your results with loose hands. Offer your desires to God. Trust His process. And detach from the result. You can do hard things!

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