Blessings and Wins from Last Year

Jan 16, 2024

The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.

Psalms 126:3

Family around the Thanksgiving Feast dinner table with mom carving the turkey

I took some time this week to look back at the past year and recall all the blessings that I received, all the goals that the Lord helped to meet, the dreams that came true, the miracles that I prayed for and received, and all the experiences that have helped me to grow ever closer to Jesus and Mary and away from self-reliance.

Let’s begin with the blessings

After months of praying and fasting for the health of my daughter and daughter-in-law who were both pregnant at the same time – we were gifted with two new grandbabies, Lily and PJ, who entered the world with gusto. They were born 3 months apart, and babies and mothers are healthy and well. Babies bring a sweetness to life like nothing else. Family is everything. I am blessed with a wonderful husband, 3 kids and their families. We have a lot of fun and I am loved and supported every day.

I was also privileged to coach over 125 women last year throughout my Delay and Pray Coaching Courses. Through that experience, I formed many friendships and lifelong relationships within the courses and in coaching circles that will forever sustain my life as I continue to build this amazing Spiritual fasting business that God has put on my heart. These women are the bravest and most amazing people on the planet and as the spiritual fasting remnant grows – you can be assured that our world is in better hands day after day as we fast and pray together for the salvation of our families and the world.

I also completed my first book this year. A work that has been almost 2 years in the making. My book coach, Nika Maples, has weathered the storm with me and we are sealing the deal on this book project that will be for sale in just a few months. She is a real blessing – not only as a publishing team but as a coach as well.

Speaking of blessings and getting things done – have I told you about The Catholic Fasting Team that is behind the scenes who enable me to run this business and get the Delay and Pray program out to the masses? Not many people know, but a lot of people ask – how do you do it all? Do you do your own tech? The answer is HECK NO! I have my own little dream team that works tirelessly behind the scenes: Kristina my Marketing and VA superwoman and Dani, my Social Media champion. They have been with me for over a year now and we just added Joann – my Podcast Manager. So, there you have it – 3 superwomen supporting the coach with their skills, advice and their love and prayers every day! That’s how I do it and I am so blessed to have them.

Let’s move on to wins and accomplishments. I’d like to begin with the strides that God has helped me make in the spiritual fasting journey this year. I have completed 4 years of developing and utilizing the Delay and Pray method. I am starting year five and I am amazed at how much my consistent sacramental prayer, willingness to struggle instead of take the easy path, and diligent thought work has paid off.

Here’s the Top 4 out of 10 I discovered:

  • I did NOT drink alcohol on Fridays in 2023. This is at the top of the list and my most challenging and rewarding accomplishment.
  • I attended daily Mass four days a week, with one or two hours of Adoration each week and monthly confession. This consistent attendance and participation in the sacraments has transformed me in ways that I cannot describe. It is the wind in my sails and the necessary path to healing attachment to SFA.
  • I joined a scripture study group at church that has changed my life! I also play pickleball with this group and that is a wonderful experience. Not that we can equate scripture with pickleball, but the community aspect of both of these things is invaluable.
  • I am still in the same weight range as last year (even with weightlifting.) I continued to take care of my body and soul with a clean bill of health at my annual exam, excellent blood work, and no medication is needed. I praise God, for this is His gift to me.

What I have noticed is that when you get accustomed to doing hard things on a daily basis and praying unceasingly – you keep doing hard things. My thought is often: I can do this. This is hard and I do hard things – especially for my husband and family. When God calls, I try to answer: “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening. I have come to do your will.”

You can do this, too!

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