Blessings, Accomplishments and Future Goals

Jan 18, 2024

“My thought is often: I can do this. This is hard, and I do hard things – especially for my husband and family.”

Beth Bubik

Miracles do come true!

Have you taken the time to reflect on your blessings, wins, and accomplishments of the past year and discern your goals for this year yet?

Beth shares her reflections in this episode, from the joy of welcoming new grandbabies to personal accomplishments in her spiritual fasting journey.

With a focus on family, faith, and health, she unveils her ambitious plans for 2024, encouraging us to set our own goals and embrace commitment, courage, and the journey towards a fulfilling life and sainthood.

Through this process, we will realize how far we’ve come and how much God has blessed us so that we can thank Him again and again. Then we can choose a few compelling earthly goals or physical/financial goals and several spiritual goals. January is a great month to plan and execute. We have Lent to help us get started, too! 

We are all on a trajectory to Sainthood, which is a battle. We must start somewhere. When you get accustomed to doing hard things on a daily basis, you keep doing hard things.

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